Making Colorado Springs a Safer & More Educated Place Through 2A


Spartan Defense started its mission in 2010. Originally founded, in Corpus Christi, TX as a training organization dedicated to educating the lawful in defense of the lawless.

Over the course of close to a decade, Spartan Defense and its instructors trained tens of thousands of law abiding citizens in everything from basic weapons discipline to advanced personal protection tactics, both armed and unarmed. Due to our shared knowledge and customer service, Spartan Defense became the leading firearm and personal protection training facility in Southeast Texas with students traveling from around the state and the country for such outstanding training.

In 2019, our founders made the decision to relocate to a safer and more family oriented city due to new additions to their family and the dangers of what was occurring, due to the close proximity to our nation's southern border. Our founders had visited Colorado Springs many times over the years and had fallen in love with the location, the community, and its people.

After relocating to the Colorado Springs area, our founders found the same need for quality education as well as a need for a store that offered both new and seasoned gun owners education and the tools necessary to defend ones: self, property, and loved ones. Originally, the plan was to open a Colorado Springs location store and training facility in 2020; those plans were put on hold due to the pandemic and delayed till 2021.
The fact of the matter is that bad people exist and not all men are angels. Our goal is simple: we want to help law abiding citizens protect themselves and their loved ones by evening the scales against the wolves that would seek to do them harm.
At our Colorado Springs Store and Training Facility Spartan Defense Armory & Training has assembled a seasoned team of industry professionals to accomplish our mission of making the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas a safer and more educated community. Our staff comes from all walks of life and together will cover all of our client's firearm and self defense needs. Please check out our team website page to review both our owners and staffs, as well as their credentials and experience.

Spartan Defense Armory & Training's store location is off of powers at Barnes Rd and Tutt in the shopping center across the road from Hurts Donuts and caddy corner to CostCo and The Colorado Springs Police Department.

Spartan Defense Armory & Training 
6130 Barnes Rd Suite 112
Colorado Springs Co. 80922 

(719) 917-1776

CCW Class, Concealed Handgun Permit Class,, Concealed carry class